Air Condition Maintenance in Venice

To keep your air conditioning in Venice running well, you have to pay attention to the ac maintenance needs. Even the most finely-tuned system will deteriorate if it isn’t assessed periodically. At Venice Air Condition we make sure your ac unit is running to fully capacity with one of our maintenance agreements.

AC maintenance in Venice

If you live in Florida, it is important to have your Florida air conditioning system cleaned and checked for optimal performance, efficiency, and safety. Venice Air Condition offers peace of mind when it comes to air condition maintenance, ensuring your equipment operates safely and efficiently at an affordable price. There's a reason we are the air condition experts in Venice. We'll help you save money on your heating and cooling bills.

Air conditioning maintenance in venice fl
Venice air conditioning

Our air conditioning maintenance program in Venice includes A 25-point cleaning and troubleshooting system analysis. No part of your AC unit will be left unchecked. Should any potential issues be identified, you will be notified and given the proper diagnosis and treatment options. Fixing a potential problem before it occurs is just one of our many specialties and can save the life of the air conditioning unit.

Venice Air Condition & Heating Maintenance Agreements Includes:

  • One Free Diagnostic – Working controls protects your system by shutting down when it senses an error.
  • Tighten All Wiring Connections – Secure connections avert damage on the main components.
  • Lubricate Motors – Confirm safety of motor bearings with proper lubrication.
  • Clean Condenser Coil – Prevent excessive wear on the compressor.
  • Adjust Fan Blade – For proper alignment and operation to avoid destructive vibrations on the unit.
  • Test:
    • Proper Voltage – To prevent harm to your compressor.
    • Blower Motor – Maintain efficiency with proper airflow operation.
    • Heat Strip – Proper operation and AMP draw to prevent damaged heat strips causing high electric bills.
    • Evaporate Coil and Advise of Condition – Avoid dirty coils that could affect your utility bills.
    • All Safety Switches – Essential in the automatic controls.
    • Condenser Fan Motor for Proper Operation – Increase the overall efficiency with the right airflow.
    • Relays and Capacitors – Elongate the life of the parts with strong capacitors.
    • For Proper AMP Draw on Compressor and Fan Motors – Contact us and inform us if everything is working correctly.
    • Refrigerant Pressures – Keep appropriate charge to lower utility bills.
    • Coil Temperatures – For proper cooling/heating and avoid malfunctioning controls that will wear on the structure.
    • System in Cooling/Heating – Proper operation and an overall test of your equipment to ensure peak performance.
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