Air Conditioning Repair in Venice, FL

Anytime your AC goes out, it’s an emergency! You want an a/c company in Venice to be there fast, is experienced, and affordable. Venice Air Conditioning is that company. We are a locally owned, family run air conditioning repair company in Venice serving both residential & commercial customers for all of Manatee County

A/C repair in Venice, FL.

At Venice Air Condition, we don’t just handle simple a/c fixes for your air condition problem. We offer an array of expertise for any heating and air condition need, from a/c maintenance to a/c repair and service, as well as air condition installation. We also will increase your a/c energy-efficiency. Our technicians are trained to handle any air condition repair in Venice. Call us today at 941-479-2090

Air conditioning repair Venice

Air Condition Repair

Air Condition Maintenance

Is your Air conditioning not working properly or the unit is just old? Let us take a look at it and see what the issue is.

We offer complete service and repair on all makes and models of air conditions in Venice and surrounding area.

At Venice Air Condition, we understand that having proper working air conditioning is very important to the home.

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Air Conditioning Service in Venice

When your air condition system is functioning at its best, it not only creates a comfortable environment, it also protects your home or office from humidity and moisture problems, increases indoor air quality and reduces energy costs. Venice Air Condition installs and services all brands of air conditioners in Venice.

When is it’s time for a new air conditioning unit?

It’s hard to say because everyone is different and our ac needs are different also. But here are some things to consider about your ac and if you need an air conditioning repair in Venice.

Consider the age of your existing system.

If it’s over ten years old, give some thought to maybe pricing out a new one. Knowing your options, and what comes with it, helps you for the future. You don’t want to start looking into this when your old air conditioner has already died. Age is probably the most critical factor in deciding to replace a system – especially because most other factors can be tied to how old the system is.

No matter the age of your ac unit, you should also take into account the energy efficiency rating of your current air conditioner. Energy efficiency isn’t just a word, and the SEER number on the Energy Star sticker isn’t just for show. Here in the Venice area, a higher efficient system can help substantial annual savings on energy bills.

Often times, high-efficiency installations can pay for themselves over time in savings in as little as ten years. With our government offering rebates and tax incentives for these high-efficiency systems, that payback period could be even shorter. 

Look at how often you need repairs on your air condition system.

Has it had a refrigerant leak or a bad capacitor? Has your fan motor blown before? If your current system is starting to feel like a car that’s been on the road too long, you should consider a new air conditioning installation. Most HVAC technicians will often advise you to replace a unit that’s experienced a refrigerant leak and uses R-22 (Freon) as a coolant. This is because R-22 is being phased out and will cease production in 2020. A low-end but fully functioning brand new unit can often be had for about the cost of a compressor (which can be over $2000), leak repair and refrigerant charge on an existing R-22 system.

Still, your decision should always be made after an evaluation by an air conditioning expert in Venice like us, Venice Air Condition & Repair. Most homeowner’s adopt an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If your energy bill is low and your central air conditioner is doing its job well, your fine. The idea is to make sure you’re prepared and not caught off guard if signs appear.